What People are Saying about Zo Newell!

"[Zo] has a deep knowledge of yoga philosophy, and often explains the traditions and beliefs that underlie and inform a certain posture or action. She is a very gentle yoga teacher, and her classes have a comfortable and improvisational mood…She incorporates other flows and traditions with more structured Iyengar-school approaches. Even though she is gentle, her classes will challenge you both physically and intellectually: You will learn through her that poses have many layers to discover. She is also a whiz at guided meditation, and has an amazing voice for talking you through each pose." ~ LMM

"[Zo] is a teacher who truly loves teaching and sharing her extensive knowledge of breath and body with others. With her holistic and unique teaching approach to body, breath, mind and spirit, Zo is a great inspiration to me." ~ EC

"Zo never ceases to amaze me with her knowledge of yoga. She helps create a safe environment in her classes where you can explore yoga poses and open your heart and body to greater awareness." ~ LOH

"My studies with Zo have increased my awareness of my lungs and breathing. I feel I breathe more fully and with increased awareness." ~ EG

"I enjoy Zo’s class so much I drive 2 ˝ hours each way to attend. I attend not just because the class is extremely informative so I carry home knowledge I can use forever, nor do I track cross country because she is quick to spot flaws in body positioning and realign them so you feel wonderful again. The main reason I delight in her classes is that I can really feel the connection between the mind and body there…" ~ DP



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